Great Sites

"The Beach Comber" Cafe
"The Beach Comber" of Crystal Cove. The movie "Beaches" shot at this location. A beautiful place near Laguna Beach, California

Back to Review Picture ...
Pictures/private collection of John Wayne, shot by Barton B. Mac Leod

Barton B. Mac Leod Alumni
The Royal School Famous Alumni

Barton in Ireland
Sketrick Island was a family place ... So many memories

Bryan's Studio/Paintings

Byran's Gallery
See "Quite Man" Paintings

Carrickfergus Castle
Barton's home town in Ireland

Dave Grayson
Dave Grayson, John Wayne's Makeup Artist. List of movie credits

Dave Grayson, John Wayne's Makeup ...
My Friend .....Dave Grayson and his wife Paula ...Dave Grayson was "The Duke's" Makeup Artist. Dave also wrote the book... "The Life and Times of John Wayne".

Earthcam live from Catalina
Live Cam from Catalina Island, California. Click on Casino Cam. When I had my Sailboat called The Irish Tinker, I spent many weekends on the island.

Edward Faulkner
Edward Faulkner (pictured with Barton) stared in several movies with John Wayne also with Maureen O'Hara

Fleetwood Private Cellar
Mick Fleetwood Wines

Giant Causeway, Ireland
Giant Causeway. Ireland.. One of The Wonders of the world.

John Wayne Cancer Foundation
Please give to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation

John Wayne movie credits
List of John Wayne movies

John Wayne's Birth Place

Live Cam in Dublin
Cam live from Ireland

Manzanita Cottages
Enjoy the cottages nestled in a story book setting of Old World Laguna Beach, California. Orginally built in 1927 by film producer Harry Green

Maureen O'Hara's official website ...
Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne stared in many movies together. June Beck works closely with Maureen over the years. Also visiting her at her Dublin home in Ireland.

Movie of John Wayne "The Duke"
The Duke and Maureen O'Hara (U-Tube)

Old Santa Catalina Island Video
Video from the 1950's

Pilar Wayne
Pilar Wayne's website

San Diego Zoo Video

Tommy's Tribute to John Wayne