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Portrait: Barton B Mac LeodBarton B. Mac Leod...Irish born Television teenager Actor.. just an Irish country boy born in Ireland. ... Educated at The Royal School Dungannon, County Tyrone Ireland. .... Left Ireland in my early 20's for United States and joined the US Army. Graduating with Wings. Tenure classified with Security for Air Force 1. Barton continues to consult The White House and FAA. Horasment comments forwarded to the FBI. Later joined up with John Wayne, Still Photographer. Apart from major movie contracts, Barton photographic credits are on display at The White House (Obama Family) and The Presidential Libraries. Barton has been featured in several international magazines. Barton has been sought by many Movie Production Companies over the years with artistic eye and patients. Motion Pictures Still Photographer. Laguna Niguel, Ca USA ... Follow on FaceBook: ..Update: „Femmes Noir“

Cine-photographic portraits

In an exclusive preview of his upcoming exhibition „At the Movies“ (Vienna, November 2011), Berlin-based photographer Frank Lassak shows a selection of monochrome portraits, whose tonality hints at stills from well-known films noir, such as „Rear Window“ (Alfred Hitchcock) or „The Maltese Falcon“ (John Huston). Neither re-enactment, nor plagiate, the pictures in this series try to capture the feel of classic Hollywood-style film stills, thus giving a tribute to famous stills photographers like Barton B. MacLeod or Susan Cook.

For this project, Frank paid special attention to the lenses he used: „As much as possible, I wanted to shoot scenes that recreate the field of vision of a 35mm camera, in order to be as close to the fictitious ‚set’ as possible.“ Using special adaptors for his DSLR, he employed classical movie camera lenses and even a 50 year old Asahi Takumar portrait lens. Says Frank: „These lenses are not optimized for modern digital equipment, but are especially suitable to create that particular nostalgic mood I wanted to achieve.“

In „At the Movies“ and „Femmes Noir“ Frank mostly worked with actors and students from Schauspielschule Charlottenburg and chose a variety of locations, props and stylings to make the stills look authentic. The series was produced from September 2010 to July 2011. More: Great pleasure to work with John Wayne and more recent Malcolm McDowell On May 25, 2013, The Employer won eight honors at the Los Angeles Movie Awards, including Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Actor (Malcolm McDowell), Best Supporting Actor (Michael DeLorenzo), Best Supporting Actress (Paige Howard), Best Original Score, Best Special Effects and the Audience Choice Award.[11] Barton MacLeod, Motion Pictures Still Photographer, The Employer. . I received a letter January 2014 from The White House signed by Michelle Obama, letter "Life Time Achievement" for my US Military tenure and contribution to the Motion Pictures Industry.